Stagnation is Death!
The FluxNexus is the living vessel of Fluxus.
The FluxNexus is a self generating, self validating, loose association of artists, non artists and anti artists who work in, study, produce or live according to a Fluxus attitude. Fluxus a word whose definition remains in a state of Flux. It is by nature flowing hither, thither and yon.

Started March 2, 2002 - The FluxNexus is an inclusive group of artists,  working together to create a global community, coordinate fluxhibitions, fluxoramas, fluxfests, Fluxconcerts, fluxpublications and whatever else gets dreamt up along the way. Following along the historic chain from Futurism through Dada, Surrealism and Fluxus. The Fluxnexus is the inheritor of the past and the shaper of the future.

Are you a part of the FluxNexus?
You ought to be.

The use of the silver spoons for the FluxNexus symbolize the fact that the present generation of artists, non-artists and anti-artists have been raised in the lap of artistic wealth. An inherited wealth of new ideas, new processes, new strategies and a new context in which to explore the worlds both within and without.

We recognize that we are indebted to our historical roots and we celebrate them. However we are perfectly free to do as we wish with the wealth we have aquired from our predecessors and give new shape and expression to the traditions we happily take up.

I have heard it said that fluxus is a tree that was planted 40 years ago and that it has produced its fruit and now it is over and that younger artists cannot call themselves fluxus artists. But like all short sighted people making up things like this, there is the problem with this metaphor that trees live for generations and if well tended, for thousands of years. There is also the problem that what might be fruit to the historian is seed to the artist. The seeds of one tree can plant a whole forest. Young Fluxus artists will be dancing on the graves of the historians who say 'fluxus is dead and there can be no more fluxus'. We say, Fluxus is dead? Long live the FluxNexus!