Saturday, March 12, 2011

20. 100 Rhyming Connections

1.  A button sewn on a bowler hat
2.  A magnet attached to a metal cat
3.  A clip-on bow tie on a horse
4.  A jockey attached with velcro of course
5.  A codpiece tied on with string
6.  A plaster stuck onto his thing
7.  A harnessed poodle with an unclipped head
8.  A midget on a wooden sled
9.  A slice of bread glued to a fence
10. A sticky bud on an old five pence
11. A baby trussed up in it's pram
12. A boomerang held on with jam
13. A car to Nicaragua
14. Fois gras in a jaguar
15. Trip to nowhere
16. Deep inside a bag of hair
17. A pile of poems lax
18. Patches of words sewn on slacks
19. Soup-bowl, goblet, serving platter, plate,
20. A round,
5 pound exercising weight,
21. Measures and pitchers, forks and spoons
22. A small box full of butterfly cocoons
23. Skillet, waffle-iron, frying-pan and coffee-roaster,
24. Glass casserole, stew kettle, beer bottle coaster
25. A wooden 78rpm record player
26. Cauldrons, pie-dishes, an ordinary garden sprayer,
27. Cake molds and computers of all types
28. And fritter-irons, knives, cleavers, and pipes
29. Larding needles, cheese graters, old oak mallets,
30. Rolling pins, pepper and salt mills, wooden pallets
31. A comb with carved handle, a rectangular wooden stool,
32. Fireplace utensils, a cross-shaped tire tool
33. Tiny strips of metal printed on a sheet,
34. A teapot, a pitcher, a bicycle seat
35. X-Acto knife, andiron, shovel for ash,
36. Poker, bellows, studio trash
37. Trammel, pot stand, a variety of warmers,
38. A tripod, a sponge, electrical transformers
38. Turnspits and ash holders, an old-fashioned hair dryer
40. Bungee cords, duct tape, tie wraps and baling wire
41. A soft-bristled hair brush, pony tail holders,
42. Various kinds of rocks, landscaping boulders
43. Splinter groups infect invisible territories
44. Ezra Pound had no affect for ursury
45. A poet inside a barrel of glue
46. Sticking words to the sole of his shoe
47. A cowboy tied to the totem pole
48, A bourbon, a digestive and a fig roll
49. An estate agent in Lewes called Roland Gorringe
50. A gate, a tent, a pig, a cloud - all painted orange
51  French patisserie, danish pastries, delicate and intricate
52  Steak haché, prime rib of beef, steak entrecôte
53. A fireman with a snake in his hose
54. Poking it out with one of his toes
55. A policeman unfolding some bacon for luncheon
56. Prodding it down with the end of his truncheon
57. Looking in a mirror in search of reflection
58. Findng onself through a change in direction
59. Aimless meandering along city streets
60. trying to figure out what he needs
61. Big noises are incomparable places
62. Friggin blouses are contestable spaces
63. House of resting races round the horses
64. Face for pressing traces into dark forces
65. with 3 pig tails in his hands
66. noticing his worked has been banned
67. walking down the hallway
68. dancing like on broadway
69. his hair was divine
70. was hungry to shine
71. Rolan Gorringe loves the colour orange.
72. he asks for his vitamins to have a hint of lozenge
73. in a common day
74. he'll make her drink some whey
75. but later at night
76. all she wants is to start a fight  
77. A clerk at work acting like a prince
78. A catatonic, iconic, demonic cop
79. Lifeguard that fell asleep in the kitchen
80. Because of the smell of a dead pichon
81. They liked cooking them
82. thought they were condemned
83. Setting the table
84. and hiding the sable
85. The younger son
86. thought of no fun
87. but to strangle
88. and run through the jungle
89. the sweat in his body
90. the mundane and the muddy
91. the laughs at the party
92. guilt and pleasure
93. was a desperate measure
94. that he'd always treasure
95. man on bank and fish in river
96. target, bow, arrow, quiver
97. insulated copper wire, black frying pan,
98. measuring spoon, mug, and architect’s plan,
99. agricultural implements, music playing machines,
100. dog eared book, a pair of faded blue jeans

Michael Leigh
Roger Stevens
Allan Revich
Bibiana Padilla Maltos
Mark Bloch
Cecil Touchon

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