Wednesday, March 30, 2011

23. 100 Names for a New Art Movement, Attitude or Experience

1. Postflux
2. Neo-Fluxus
3. Proximitism
4. Stubborn Bunnies
5. Post-Neo-Fluxus
6. Neon Fluxus
7. Buxus Fluxus
South Park Fluxus
9. Friends of Fluxus
10. Original Fluxus
11. Marksism
12. Whoa! Wow!
13. Bettye
14. Howard
15. An assortment of symbols (Allen?) then: The Art Formerly Known As
Flux us (TAFKAF)
16. Box of Bloch
17. The unnameables
18. The Poop Collectors
19. Xus
20. Epitome
21. Coagulation
22. Terrible Smells
23. Fixation Nation
24. MegaFlux
25. DeathFlux
26. Fluxishous
27. MotherFlux
28. FluxOn
29. FauFlux
30. Fluxum
31. ElectroFlux
32. FluxUp
33. FluxOff
39. U-Flux-O
40. UnaFlux
41. DiaFlux
42. Flux-a'Rama
43. Fluxberg
44. FluxStein
45. Fluxterdam
46. ScaFluxtady
47. Bowelism
48. Phantasism
49. Proto-Fluxus
50. FluxCity
51. GangFlux
52. BangFlux
53. FluxMe
54. FluxIs
55. BeFlux
56. Neo Bowelism
57. Elephantasism
58. Fluxism
59. FluckIt
60. Flux-a'Thon
61. FluxTard
62. ConFluxionism
63. Fluxlam
64. Post Bowelism
65. ReFlux
66. SameOleFlux
67. MeFlux
68. SheFlux
69. Stripe-ism
70. Fuckuism
72. Protoneofluxusism
73. Frank
74. Jane
75. Fresh Fruit
76. Suxulf
77. Uxsulf
78. FuckFlux
79. Neo-post-anti-ist-ism
80. Stumbling Blochism
81. futuro-cubo-dadistical-reconstructionism
82. Anti-Progressivist Fluxism
83. Laralai laralai
84. oneandtwo
85. Ismism
86. Life Without Art
87. Warm & Fuzzy
88. Zaum 2.0
89. The Partycrashers
90. Vacuumism
91. Fluxus Vista
92. the new art movement a.k.a. the new attitude a.k.a. the new experience
97. /... / ... /
98. Haven't-Garde Art
99. Mi casa
100. Tu casa

Roger Stevens
Melissa McCarthy
Bibiana Padilla Maltos
TC Verheide
Ginny Lloyd
Allan Revich
Cecil Touchon
andrew topel
Reid Wood

22. 100 Ways to Leave Your Lover

100 Ways to Leave Your Lover

1. Slip out the back, Jack
2. Make a new plan, Stan
3. Hop on the bus, Gus
4. Drop off the key, Lee
5. head to the bank, Frank
6. Put on your hat, Matt
7. Head up to Conn., John
8. Put miles by the gallon, Allan (Alan, Allen)
9. You don’t need to be lude, Ruud
10. Don’t hang by your teeth, Keith
11. Change your name to Hannah, Bibiana
12. Cross over the gorge, George
13. Take off on your cycle, Michael
14. Be careful to dodge her, Roger
15. Don’t let her know when, Ken
16. Pick up some speed, Reid
17. It’s nothing to dwell on, Don
18. Talk about it on WISA, Melissa
19. Get a moving van, Ann
20. Crawl out the vent, Kent
21. Be your own boss, Ross
22. Get a bunch of pets, bibiana
23. Don't shower for weeks, bibiana
24. Be someone else, bibiana
25. Get off the can, Allan
26. Leave like a man, Allan
27. Wear fluorescent bandanas, Bibiana
28. Pack the closet with the peels of bananas, Bibiana
29. Hijack a diesel, Cecil
30. Hide in a barrel, Carol
31. Take what you can carry, Mary
32. Keep actin' silly, Billie
33. Take what you need, Reed
34. Do it with speed, Reed
35. Don't forget to bleed, Reed
36. Never mind where it may lead, Reed
37. Remember she may plead, Reed
38. Things are fucked indeed, Reed
39. And your spleen it will feed, Reed
40. That's not what I heard, pal mIEKAL
41. I'm distraught by the decal, mIEKAL
42. You're not my bell, mIEKAL
43. The world is not alchemical, mIEKAL
44. Go loco, Yoko
45. Unleash the weasel, Cecil
46. Sell some marijuana, Bibiana
47. Blow the whistle, Melissa
48. Block up the datafeed, Reed
49. Challenge her to wrestle, Cecil
50. Drive off in her Mini, Ginny
51. Ride off on a cycle, Michael
52. Overdo the tan, Ann
53. Steal the flan, Ann
54. Run off with another man, Ann
55. Elope with your gran, Ann
56. You just have to dis ‘er, Melissa.
57. You know that you’ll miss her, Melissa.
58. Sail a Viking vessel, Cecil
59. Run off with Ron, John
60. Get on the track, Mac
61. Try it again, Ken.
62. Just slip beneath, Keith.
63. Keep up the bark, Mark.
64. Eat all the stew, Andrew.
65. Put on the K-bosh, Josh.
66. Don't become a dodger, Roger.
67. Go on and on, John.
68. Start spitting seeds, Reed.
69. Move to Savanna, Bibiana.
70. Charge all in his visa, Melissa.
71. Light a match, Hatch.
72. Throw a bomb, Mom.
73. Slip him a drug, Doug.
74. Drive away, Kay.
75. Spell your name Alan, Allen.
76. Make danger music tick, Dick.
77. Spill all the beans in the can, Alison.
78. Nasal splash ordinary interruption tenet, Bennett.
79. Do nothing to encourage, George.
80. Head to New York, Dork
81. Get out while you can, Dan
82. Go to the country, Humphrey
83. Head out on the piss. Chris
84. Make sure it doesn't rhyme, Jim
85. Play fast and loose with Stan, Ann
86. Say you are a baron, Aaron
87. Say you are not 18, Laureen
88. Get fatty, Patty
89. Hide in the helter skelter, Bibiana Padilla Maltos
90. Play fast and loose with Ann, Stan
91. Eat all the chips, Dick
92. Don't wash pants until they get hard, Carl
93. Wear only in feathers, Heather.
94. Don't forget to give me a kissa, Melissa
95. Shack up with bono, Ono
96. Don't ignore the omen, Bowman

97. Strike, Punch and Parry, Harry
98. Hang a memorial wreath, Keith
99. Don't get any on ya, Bibiana
100. Never redeem, Dean

Roger Stevens, John Moore Williams, Reed Altemus, Bibiana Padilla Maltos, Melissa McCarthy, Ginny Lloyd, mIEKAL aND, Chris Hoddinott, Andrew Topel, March Bloch

Have you seen Johnnie?

Please send correspondence home to Johnnie's family.
follow our progress here:
About Johnnie Rodriguez
Last seen in Mexico City in 1956.
Johnnie has been missing for decades. We only occasionally hear news of him. It is said that he ended up to New York City in 1961. He had a small place near where Yoko Ono was living at that time. He would take old flowers from the dumpster of a florist shop and hang them in his apartment to dry and then sell bunches of these dried flowers on the street to make his rent and to be able to buy cigarettes, beans and tortillas and once in a while, a bottle of tequila. Someone said in a letter from the early 1960's that, on one occasion, he was selling dried flowers when a young eastern European sounding man (possibly Lithuanian) walked by as he said "flores secas'. The man stopped for a moment and asked him to repeat what he had said and Johnnie repeated 'flores secas' and the European man said 'Fluxus?' and Johnie replied, "Jes! flores secas." and that this was the beginning of what we now know as Fluxus.
When the family received the above photograph a short note was with it; "Aquí esta una foto mí en la ciudad de Nueva York. Fue tomada por un extraño de nombre Andy no se que me siguio cuando me vio empacar mis latas de sopa de tomate Cambell’s (es la marca) que acababa de comprar y las puse en forma de pirámide. Yo estaba con nostalgia y recordaba Teotihuacan. Él se me hace una persona rara, pero es típica de mi barrio. Contento se me hacerco me agito el hombro y me dijo “That’s it! Thank you man!” quire decir (eso es! Gracias hombre!) y nunca supe gracias de que. Que raro. Aque en la ciudad de Nueva York hay mucha gente rara y el es uno de ellos.
Translated this means more or less, "Here is a picture of me in the city of New York. It was taken by a weird guy named Andy something who was following me around when I was stacking cans of Campbell's tomato soup into the form of a pyramid like at Teotihuacan since I was homesick. He is a strange guy but typical of my neighborhood. When he saw the cans of soup he shook my shoulder and said; "That's it! Thanks man! But thanks for what? I still don't know. How odd. Here in New York there are many strange people and he is one of them." 

New Fluxus Bucks designs - The buck starts here

These new designs are intended to be printed in editions of 1,000 as postcards. Designs by Cecil Touchon.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Contemporary Fluxus Community as a Well Oiled Machine

21. 100 Influences on Alan Bowman

100 Influences on Alan Bowman

1. Residents
2. Nurse With Wound
3. Tibetan Throat Singing
4. Half Man Half Biscuit
5. Einsturzende Neubauten
6. LaMonte Young
7. John Cage
8. Alison Knowles
9. Philip Corner
10. The Freeformfreakout Organisation in house band
11. Pop Will Eat Itself
12. Wonderstuff
13. Salvation
14. Red Crayola
15. Godspeed You!Black Emperor
16. Dave Howard Singers
17. Coil
18. Stereolab
19. Mazzy Star
20. Tangerine Dream
21. The Clash
22. The Levellers
23. New Model Army
24. The Mission,
25. All About Eve
26. Gaye Bykers on Acid
27. Ska
28. Specials
29. Selecter
30. 2Tone Records
31. Prince Buster
32. The Skatalites
33. Trojan Records
34. Spike Jones
35. Spike Milligan
36. Milligans the Bakers
37. Crass
38. Bowman ZweiKaiserbund
39. Human League
40. Kraftwerk
41. R.E.M (!)
42. Presma.....
43. Lily Allen (no really!)
44. Cabaret Voltaire
45. Foetus (in all guises)
46. Wiseblood
47. Swans
48. Jarboe
49. Led Zeppelin
50. John, George and Ringo(!)
51. The Handsome Family
52. Willard Grant Conspiracy
53. Josh Ritter
54. roger stevens (!)
55. Raboso
56. cabernet franc
57 Frank Cabernet
58. me da
59. me ma
60. robert downey junior school, elton john's wood alumnus of 18**
61. 62
62. 61.
63. Sol
64. Himself
65. Finding out there is a list about influences on him
66. gravity
67. influenza
68. Kent Freeman
69. The free
70. The form
71. The freak
72. The out
73. The organisation
74. The Eye
75. Newcastle FC
76. Ant and Dec
77. Twins
78. Canals
79. Venice
80. Venezia
81. Eye Tallians
82. Gondoliers
83. African street vendors
84. Alcoholic beverages
85. Non-alcoholic beverages
86. Vino rosso
87. Light switches
88. Aqua Alta
89. Aqua Vitae
90. Aqua Velva
91.Velvet Underground
92. Blue Velvet.
93. The Blue Lagoon
94. Lacuna Coil
95. White Snake
96. White pages
97. White socks
98. White paint
99. Velveeta Cheese Dip
100. Twinkies

Cecil Touchon, Alan Bowman, Madawg, Bibiana Padilla Maltos, Roger Stevens, Allan Revich, Reid Wood, Melissa McCarthy

Saturday, March 12, 2011

20. 100 Rhyming Connections

1.  A button sewn on a bowler hat
2.  A magnet attached to a metal cat
3.  A clip-on bow tie on a horse
4.  A jockey attached with velcro of course
5.  A codpiece tied on with string
6.  A plaster stuck onto his thing
7.  A harnessed poodle with an unclipped head
8.  A midget on a wooden sled
9.  A slice of bread glued to a fence
10. A sticky bud on an old five pence
11. A baby trussed up in it's pram
12. A boomerang held on with jam
13. A car to Nicaragua
14. Fois gras in a jaguar
15. Trip to nowhere
16. Deep inside a bag of hair
17. A pile of poems lax
18. Patches of words sewn on slacks
19. Soup-bowl, goblet, serving platter, plate,
20. A round,
5 pound exercising weight,
21. Measures and pitchers, forks and spoons
22. A small box full of butterfly cocoons
23. Skillet, waffle-iron, frying-pan and coffee-roaster,
24. Glass casserole, stew kettle, beer bottle coaster
25. A wooden 78rpm record player
26. Cauldrons, pie-dishes, an ordinary garden sprayer,
27. Cake molds and computers of all types
28. And fritter-irons, knives, cleavers, and pipes
29. Larding needles, cheese graters, old oak mallets,
30. Rolling pins, pepper and salt mills, wooden pallets
31. A comb with carved handle, a rectangular wooden stool,
32. Fireplace utensils, a cross-shaped tire tool
33. Tiny strips of metal printed on a sheet,
34. A teapot, a pitcher, a bicycle seat
35. X-Acto knife, andiron, shovel for ash,
36. Poker, bellows, studio trash
37. Trammel, pot stand, a variety of warmers,
38. A tripod, a sponge, electrical transformers
38. Turnspits and ash holders, an old-fashioned hair dryer
40. Bungee cords, duct tape, tie wraps and baling wire
41. A soft-bristled hair brush, pony tail holders,
42. Various kinds of rocks, landscaping boulders
43. Splinter groups infect invisible territories
44. Ezra Pound had no affect for ursury
45. A poet inside a barrel of glue
46. Sticking words to the sole of his shoe
47. A cowboy tied to the totem pole
48, A bourbon, a digestive and a fig roll
49. An estate agent in Lewes called Roland Gorringe
50. A gate, a tent, a pig, a cloud - all painted orange
51  French patisserie, danish pastries, delicate and intricate
52  Steak haché, prime rib of beef, steak entrecôte
53. A fireman with a snake in his hose
54. Poking it out with one of his toes
55. A policeman unfolding some bacon for luncheon
56. Prodding it down with the end of his truncheon
57. Looking in a mirror in search of reflection
58. Findng onself through a change in direction
59. Aimless meandering along city streets
60. trying to figure out what he needs
61. Big noises are incomparable places
62. Friggin blouses are contestable spaces
63. House of resting races round the horses
64. Face for pressing traces into dark forces
65. with 3 pig tails in his hands
66. noticing his worked has been banned
67. walking down the hallway
68. dancing like on broadway
69. his hair was divine
70. was hungry to shine
71. Rolan Gorringe loves the colour orange.
72. he asks for his vitamins to have a hint of lozenge
73. in a common day
74. he'll make her drink some whey
75. but later at night
76. all she wants is to start a fight  
77. A clerk at work acting like a prince
78. A catatonic, iconic, demonic cop
79. Lifeguard that fell asleep in the kitchen
80. Because of the smell of a dead pichon
81. They liked cooking them
82. thought they were condemned
83. Setting the table
84. and hiding the sable
85. The younger son
86. thought of no fun
87. but to strangle
88. and run through the jungle
89. the sweat in his body
90. the mundane and the muddy
91. the laughs at the party
92. guilt and pleasure
93. was a desperate measure
94. that he'd always treasure
95. man on bank and fish in river
96. target, bow, arrow, quiver
97. insulated copper wire, black frying pan,
98. measuring spoon, mug, and architect’s plan,
99. agricultural implements, music playing machines,
100. dog eared book, a pair of faded blue jeans

Michael Leigh
Roger Stevens
Allan Revich
Bibiana Padilla Maltos
Mark Bloch
Cecil Touchon

Friday, March 11, 2011

19. 100 Names for Cars/Horses

19.  100 Names for Cars/Horses

01. Betsy
02. Jojo
03. Silver
04. Thing
05. Mojo
06. Prayer
07. Nurtz
08. Bledo
09. Unitka
10. Sloambo
11. Bamba
12. Bomba
13  Bimba
13. Bumba
14. Bemba
14. Bymba
16. Bryden
17. Uniden
18. Lynden
19. Rhododen
20. Yo Mama
21. Nelly
22. Ol’ Rust Bucket
23. Vanilla
24. Suavecito
25. Chico-man
26. Hueso-man
27. Yipah
28. Black soul
29. Dandalum
30. Pish
31. El Conquistador
32. Rasputin
33. Dereliction
34. Horace
35. Clitoris
36. Mamaguchi
37. Yaya
38. Goobalibooba
39. Lurch
40. Fanny
41. Bloo
42. Nargle
43. Blurk
44. Grey Beauty
45. Racer
46. Mare Tranquillium
47. Chocoroco
48. Commemorative
49. Pokey
50. Charms
51. Ghost
52. Banger
53. Lori
54. beetle
55. Marcus
56. Mercedes
57. Galopante
58. Jaloppy
59. Terzi
60. Poppy
61. Majestic
62. Bluebird
63. Dahling
64. Jewels
65. Spanker
66. Kitten
67. Lipizzaner
68. Troshka
69. Przewalski
70. Rina
71. Mustang Sally
72. Mustang Trevor
73. Mustang Yoko
74. Rosita
75. Perissodactyl
76. Rosso
77. Roca
78. Timo
79. Dimmi
80. Risa
81. A Horse named Car
82. A Car named Horse
83. Dead Last
84. Great Lengths
85. Ol' Gluey
86. Run, Already
87. Nagging Pain
88. Butt Pain
89. Pantaloonies
90. Hell 
91. Jane
92. Judy
93. Lexy 
94. Blade
95. Rage
96. Spoon
97. Soxio
98. S.A.
99. Quixote
100. Aldonza

Brad Brace
Roger Stevens
Carol Starr
John M. Bennet
Allan Revich
Ann Klefstad
Bibiana Padilla Maltos
Jim Vail
Reid Wood
Cecil Touchon
Julie Jefferies
Melissa McCarthy
Ginny Lloyd 

18. 100 Pink Moles - Allan Revich

18.  100 Pink Moles - Allan Revich
1.Pink mole
2.Pink mole
3.Pink mole
4.Pink mole
5.Pink mole
6.Pink mole
7.Pink mole
8.Pink mole
9.Pink mole
10.Pink mole
10.Not there
11.Pink mole
12.Pink mole
13.Pink mole
14.Pink mole
15.Pink mole
16.Pink mole
17.Pink mole
18.Pink mole
19.Pink mole
20.Pink mole
20.Dink roll
21.Pink mole
22.Pink mole
23.Pink mole
24.Pink mole
25.Pink mole
26.Pink mole
27.Pink mole
28.Pink mole
29.Pink mole
30.Pink mole
30.Stink doll
31.Pink mole
32.Pink mole
33.Pink mole
34.Pink mole
35.Pink mole
36.Pink mole
37.Pink mole
38.Pink mole
39.Pink mole
40.Pink mole
40.Drink coal
41.Pink mole
42.Pink mole
43.Pink mole
44.Pink mole
45.Pink mole
46.Pink mole
47.Pink mole
48.Pink mole
49.Pink mole
50.Pink mole
50.Septic hole
51.Pink mole
52.Pink mole
53.Pink mole
54.Pink mole
55.Pink mole
56.Pink mole
57.Pink mole
58.Pink mole
59.Pink mole
60.Pink mole
60.Shop mall
61.Pink mole
62.Pink mole
63.Pink mole
64.Pink mole
65.Pink mole
66.Pink mole
67.Pink mole
68.Pink mole
69.Pink mole
70.Pink mole
70.No body
71.Pink mole
72.Pink mole
73.Pink mole
74.Pink mole
75.Pink mole
76.Pink mole
77.Pink mole
78.Pink mole
79.Pink mole
80.Pink mole
80.Brick Wall
81.Pink mole
82.Pink mole
83.Pink mole
84.Pink mole
85.Pink mole
86.Pink mole
87.Pink mole
88.Pink mole
89.Pink mole
90.Pink mole
90.Not small
91.Pink mole
92.Pink mole
93.Pink mole
94.Pink mole
95.Pink mole
96.Pink mole
97.Pink mole
98.Pink mole
99.Pink mole
100.Pink mole

17. 100 Black Holes - by Litsa Spathi

17.  100 Black Holes - by Litsa Spathi

01.Black hole
02.Black hole
03.Black hole
04.Black hole
05.Black hole
06.Black hole
07.Black hole
08.Black hole
09.Black hole
10.Black hole

11.Black hole
12.Black hole
13.Black hole
14.Black hole
15.Black hole
16.Black hole
17.Black hole
18.Black hole
19.Black hole
20.Black hole

21.Black hole
22.Black hole
23.Black hole
24.Black hole
25.Black hole
26.Black hole
27.Black hole
28.Black hole
29.Black hole
30.Black hole

31.Black hole
32.Black hole
33.Black hole
34.Black hole
35.Black hole
36.Black hole
37.Black hole
38.Black hole
39.Black hole
40.Black hole

41.Black hole
42.Black hole
43.Black hole
44.Black hole
45.Black hole
46.Black hole
47.Black hole
48.Black hole
49.Black hole
50.Black hole

51.Black hole
52.Black hole
53.Black hole
54.Black hole
55.Black hole
56.Black hole
57.Black hole
58.Black hole
59.Black hole
60.Black hole

61.Black hole
62.Black hole
63.Black hole
64.Black hole
65.Black hole
66.Black hole
67.Black hole
68.Black hole
69.Black hole
70.Black hole

71.Black hole
72.Black hole
73.Black hole
74.Black hole
75.Black hole
76.Black hole
77.Black hole
78.Black hole
79.Black hole
80.Black hole

81.Black hole
82.Black hole
83.Black hole
84.Black hole
85.Black hole
86.Black hole
87.Black hole
88.Black hole
89.Black hole
90.Black hole

91.Black hole
92.Black hole
93.Black hole
94.Black hole
95.Black hole
96.Black hole
97.Black hole
98.Black hole
99.Black hole
100.Black hole

16. 100 instances of silence

16.  100 instances of silence

2.       .
3.    ,        .
4.   ;    !
5.   ...    ....     ?
6.  4:33
7.  ©
8.  A Flea in a vacumme
9.  Reverbed riverbed
10. squang
11. The  Sea of Tranquility
12. the dying breath, just after
13. space oddity
14. Finger vertically raised to pursed lips
15. make noise
16. screaming in inner space where no one can hear you (thanks, Allan R.)
17. gong in a vacuum
18. Après la guerre
19. The inpenetrable Suet Of Thrace
20. Genesis 1:1-23 read aloud by someone with laryngitis.
21  The K of knob, the P of pneumatic, the W of write
22  A book by John Cage
23  The call of an exasperated teacher
24. Digit waggle
25. Feather floating down from Mt. Everest
26. Passchendaele, on November 7, 1917
28. Delta de objetos sin objetos dentales
29. Gran arbol blanco y blanco como el gusano
30. Imponente vacio lleno de mar impresa
31. A snuggle in a ball of cotton candy
32. The tiniest whisper of a baby pixie
33. The crinkled up nose of a fairy dew drop34. a snuggle in my dog's furry fur.
34. That moment when one finds out that the woman you have been talking so 'humourously' about is in fact the mother of the person you are talking to.
35. The presentation of the white paper on this government's plans for utopia
36. The silence in heaven after the seventh seal was opened.
37. The roaring silence at the moment one enters the infinite.
38. The silence at the edge of the atmosphere.
39. The silence between breathing out and breathing in.
40. the awkward silence when one has not gotten a joke.
41. Looking up a newly swept chimney
42. Gazing at a Joseph Cornell assemblage
43. Seeing the light bounce from the skin of a rice pudding
44  First man: Whatever happened to that foul-mouthed tart you used to hang around with?
Second man: I married her.
45. My dog's got no ears.  How does it smell?
46. The response to a Kent Freeman lecture.
47. The space between the willy getting caught in the zip and the scream.
48. trying to think of number 48
52. An ameoba  splitting in two
53. A ghostly fart in an empty lift
54. Inside my bwane
55. when All is calm, all is bright....apparently
56. Midnight in the pin factory
57. the moment when you walk in the house after walking your sick friend Melissa to her car, which was parked around the corner, and realized everyone had ditched your Christmas party.
58. The very second once you click to open an email.
59. The pause between each heart beat
60. The time elapsed between each tic -tac -toe
61. Grandpa's teeth fell out
62. Mouthful of peanutbutter
63. Not 4'22"
64. Affirmation of US interventionist policies
65. The films of Lumieré
66. " "
67. The air inside a balloon
68. The pen picked up from the page
69. Cancer-like growth
70. The echo of a feather falling
71. the breath of a flea
72. Fingers waiting on a thought to type down
73. Brain waiting on that thought
74. Steaming dogshit in the snow
75. Howard, dead at the bottom of a hot tub
76. One hand clapping
77. Moot clan harping
78. Moping
79. Underwater mopping
80. Just wishin' and hopin' and thinkin' and prayin' Plannin' and dreamin'
81. the breath of a flea
82. True populism
83. The impact of institutional art on the masses
84. Prius hybrid
85. evolution
86. silence is everything but
87. A pregnant pause
88. A wan smile
89. An amoeba race
90. A tree falling in a faraway land
91. The gate between the outer world and the inner one.
92. The impact of Fluxus on Mrs and Mrs Mountjoy from Mogadon Rd, Manchester.
93 A well-oiled hinge
94. The time between each bite of a toast
95. Fingers waiting on a number to type at a calculator 96. Ink drying.
97. A crumb falling on hard times.
98. Ink inside a pen
99. graphite surrounded by wood
100. _  ___ ___

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Possible Catalog Cover Designs for Fluxfest Chicago


1. Arrange words by affinity. Create sentences which traverse numerous affinities.
2. Remove all nouns.
3. Substitute vowels for consonants & vice versa.
4. Substitute words with words that rhyme
5. remove all punctuation, line breaks, and Capital letters
6. pronounce only vowels
7. pronounce only consonants
8. chop and mix syllables
9. spit out words
10. spit out sputum
11. Allow genitives to settle in close proximity to chicken carcasses.
12. Act only through adjectives.
13. Recognize the innate passivity of all language and allow it toshape your sentence structures.
14. Gerund often.1
15. Ensure all modifiers squint, dangle or misplace.
16. chew all words 108 times before swallowing.
17. use prepositions in post-position.
18. capitalize all improper nouns.
19. dangle your modifiers.
20. strap on a diphthong.
21. give enemas to the irregular verbs
22. cut down the dangling clauses
23. punish the improper nouns
24. give off-color words the maximum sentence
25. clean up those dirty innuendos
26. interject uncouth phrases into mild oaths
27. jazz up technical terms with rhetorical flourishes
28. spruce up worn out cliches with text messaging acronyms
29. replace mixed metaphors with transparent double talk
30. add archaic words for that old time religion feeling
31. replace propaganda with nursery rhymes
32. redesign verbs for swifter action
33. mete out glottal stops to the runaway phrases
34. fertilize flowery phrases with watered down Flood references
35. construct with semi colons a colonoscopy
36. construct half words
37. use split infinitives to make double negatives
38. use forceful imperatives to hammer out ringing phrases
39. use adjectives as statements of fact
40. introduce reasonable doubt with questions marks for every sanity clause
41. Give hendiadys short shrift and enough rope.
42. Fill lacunas with piffle and tripe.
43. Burn authors with nom-de-plumes. (Although maybe that's a little severe...)
44. Singe nom-de-plumed authors with burning feathers.
45. Introduce obligatory paronomasia into the British legal system.
46. Demand sonnets have fifteen lines.
47. Semper Ubi Sub Ubi.
48. Impersonate a poet
49. Translate every word from every language into English
50. No more safe text
51. Live vicariously thru abbreviations & acronyms
52. Send avant garde poems to you high school English teacher
53. Remove all the words from your publications
54. Travel back in time & persuade Mallarmé to write sentimental claptrap
55. Touch your tongue to the roof of your mouth.
56. Blow some air from your diaphragm.
57. Touch your tongue to the back of your upper front teeth.
58. Blow more air.
59. Press lips together and release while blowing MORE air.
60. Talk without opening your jaws.
61. Talk without opening your lips.
62. Talk without opening your eyes.
63. Talk without opening your ears.
65. Call or email friends before speaking or writing.
66. Say only what has been previously voted on.
67. mumble confidently
68. speak only when eating
69. spit in it
70. piss in it
71. shit in it
72. puke in it
73. bleed in it
74. cry tears in it
75. neologize
76. pretend to have dementia
77. have dementia
78. dementiate the words
79. forgive words
80. mix vowels
81. mix consonants
82. talk dog
83. talk cat
84. talk cat-squirrel
85. talk English in Spanish
86. talk English in French
87. talk English in Russian
88. talk English in Mandarin
89. talk English in German
90. talk English in Korean
91. have John M. Bennett make a poem out of it
92. have Cecil Touchon chop it up into little pieces and rearrange.
93. listen to Mark Bloch talking endlessly about the misuse of the word Fluxus
94. have a crowd of people converse while all wear earbuds with ipods turned up full blast
95. video tape your mouth speaking then play back in extremely slow motion.
96. Only talk with your mouth full
97.  Speak in tongues.
98.  Speak with inflamed tongues.
99.  American sign language via paraplegiasm'.
100. Sign with both hands tied behind the back.

mIEKAL aND 1-3,48-54
Allan Revich 4,5,9,10, 69-75
bibiana padilla maltos 6-8,60-63, 76-90
john moore Williams 11-15
keri marion 16-20
David Baptiste Chirot 21-40
Roger Stevens 41-47
John M. Bennett 55-59
Mark Bloch 64-68
Cecil Touchon 91-95

TaraVerheide 97-100


1. Trilbys must be worn at all times
2. You are responsible for your own mess
3. There is NO third rule
4. NOTHING must be left in the vestibule
5. Attach green twine to dangerous articles
6. Always leave the place how you found it.
7. Rule 7 must always be substituted for Rule 3.
8. Rule 7 must be submitted before Rule 3.
9. Tuesdays and alternate Thursdays are wild.
10. If someone says "Marco", you are obligated to reply, "Polo".
11. Check your weapons at the door.
12. No spitting.
13. Rule 7 is obsolete.
14. Read all rules before acting
15. Wash hands thoroughly before replying.
16. Only one person gets to draw circles with nothing in them
17. Only one person gets to say nothing
18. Only one person is responsible for each list
19. Only one person at the time
20. Only one person is two
21. Always ignore Rule 8.
22. Always raise your hand before making a new rule.
23. Be blank when contemplating your shoe
24. No boiling
25. Free tubes
26. Nothing matters.
27. Everything matters.
28. Lubricate thoroughly.
29. No wire hangers.
30. Energy matters.
31. Always ignore Rule 8.
32. Rule 3 holds precedent over the New Rule 7.
33. Do not shake, watusi or mutilate
34. Always prepare the ground first with a good compost
35. Spend every cent.
36. Drop your phone in the lake
37. Wear your hat upside down
38. Sleep with your head in a bucket
39. Remember that nothing is important.
40. Always give a sucker an oven glove.
41. Unevened numbered rules should be taken with a pinch of salt.
42. Rules that add up to 6 should be taken with a grain of mustard.
43. At all times remember that Fluxus guides our choices and actions.
44. Never sleep with your head in a bucket.
45. This is really rule 46.
46. Nothing is everything.
47. This is the rule of the unruled
48. Only one person is someone else
49. Someone else is one person
50. This is the rule of rules
51. Never fall asleep
52. If you fall asleep always pretend you are not
53. Pretend you are not
54. Don't pretend
55. Always finish lists
56. It don't mean nothin'
57. There is a red circle with nothing in it
58. Rules are defined by their exceptions
59. Exceptions are the rule
60. The rule of law, is not
61. In case of no phone, use a banana
62. When weather is not too hot nor too cold, complain that is too warm
63. When weather is not too cold nor too hot, complain that is too warm
64. Always hate warm weather
65. Always love warm weather
66. Always trust nobody, and never trust someone else.
67. Never trust nobody, and always trust someone else.
68. Never say never
69. This is rule 96
70. Never say always
71. Always say never
72. Always say always
73. Always is never
74. Never is always
75. Have all the lists on hand
76. Never refuse a meal from Bibiana
77. Leave your Fluxus at the door
78. Protests are strictly forbidden unless you are right
80. Do not use the letter A on mondays
81. Do not use the letter E on tusdays
82. Do not use the letter I on wdnsdays
83. Do not use the letter O on thursdays
84. Do not use the letter U on fridays
85  Do not use the letter S on unday
86  To be a true Fluxlist member you must honour and obey at all the times the 10 Grand Principles of Fluxus (The 10GPS)
87. Listen to no one
88. Forget everything you've been told about Fluxus
89. Whispering is allowed only after all dues have been paid
90. Never leave home without it
91. When someone says 'Fluxus is dead' cover your ears and begin screaming.
92. Forget the past, focus on the present.
93. Do nothing until the next thing presents itself, then proceed.
94. Do what you know is right, apologize later if necessary.
95. Ignore previous lists
96. 96 is 69
97. All work created in the name of Fluxus ©George Maciunas 1962.
98. Please remove your shoes before walking on the art.
99. Always type backwards
100. Always wash your hands

Cecil Touchon, Bibiana Padilla Maltos, Roger Stevens, mIEKAL aND, Allan Revich, Mark Bloch

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

An Evening at Stampland at Fluxfest Chicago for Reed Altemus's Show

Posters for Reeds Altemus at Stampland in Chicago

The Fluxus Troupe exploring the interior of Bill Gaglione and Darlene Domel's Stampland, Chicago

Collection of Fluxboxes at Stampland.

Elements of Reed Altemus's show and an introduction of his newly published box set.

   On Friday evening of the Chicago Fluxfest week Picasso Gaglione and Darlene Domel invited everyone over to Stampland to explore this amazing place from which Gaglione/Domel work. It was a fabulous evening starting out with dinner up the street at the restaurant called 'FEED'. After dinner we strolled down to Stampland to enjoy all of the wonderful stamps, mailart related antiques and vintage Fluxus collection on display.
   Jeff Sass of Saint Louis brought a old Polaroid camera that he had converted into a pin hole camera which he used to take portraits of various people. Jeff gave the photos to the sitters but the part he really wanted was the negative image left on the peeled off part of the Polaroid.

13. 100 Colors

13.  100 Colors

1.  The color of the sky on a serene, crystal clear day
2.  The color of cards that were sealed in envelopes
3.  The color of a brontosaurus
4.  The color of bruises
5.  The color of the night sky over the city
6.  The color of my true love's hair
7.  The color of suspended choice and uncertain boundaries
8.  The color of the walls of my house
9.  The color of meat
10.  The color of pomegranates
11.  The color of green shit
12.  The color of yellow asphalt
13.  The color of pink teeth
14.  The color of black light
15.  Color spelt "colour".
16.  The colour orange
17.  The colour non sequitur
18.  The colour blasé
19.  The red of sunrises and sunsets
20.  A blues guitar
21.  The yellow of dying suns
22.  The yolk yellow of a farm-fresh egg
23.  The white of the egg shell
24.  The shocking yellow of jaundice
25.  The pungent yellow of sulfur
26.  The red of passion and the black of grief
27.  The blue of distance
28.  The difference between the red of an apple and the red of a tomato
29.  The blue of the Zanzibari flag
30.  The red of ruby glass
31.  The yellow of the wheat field
32.  The red of Titian’s capes,
33.  The red of Rembrandt, Derain, and. Matisse
34.  Blood-red,
35.  The red of Russia,
36.  The white of the eye
37.  The blue of lapis lazuli
38.  The white of pure emptiness
39.  Coca-cola red
40.  The blue of the sky
41.  The white of an old women's hair
42.  The yellow of Autumn
43.  The white snow of winter
44. The Pink of Fading Neon
45. The Yellow of Newly Ripened Lemons
46.  The white of a white sheet of typing paper
47. The color of being in the pink
48.  The pink of the sky at sunset
49.  The pink of European flesh
50.  The pink of a wild rose
51.  The pink of the see through umbrella
52.  The pink of a late 1950s Cadillac
53.  The purple of the ancient Courts,
54.  The purple of Byzantium
55.  The purple of the Judas-tree groves
56.  The purple of Lent
57. The light blue of the sky,
58.  The dark blue of the sea,
59.  The green of the hills & valleys,
60.  The white of the cottages,
61.  The purple of the heather,
62.  The Yellow of the Aspens
63.  The purple of the Balkan Kings
64.  The blue of a cornflower
65.  The yellow of butter
66.  The yellow of the gorse in bloom,
67.  The red of the flowers of the fuchsia
68.  The colour of nothing
69.  The colour of no money
70.  The absence of white superimposed on the absence of black
71.  Ruddy shipworn complexion
72.  George Maciunas's cornea
73.  Ecru
74.  Almond
75.  Landlord white
76.  Beige
77.  Tan
78.  Sand
79.  Tomatored
80.  Preusischblau
81.  Innocencewhite
82.  Lackyellow of guilt
83.  Ziegelrot
84.  White of blindness
85.  White of mourning
86.  White of despair
87.  White of new hope
88.  White of blackwar
89.  Spurge
90.  Heria Greay
91.  Glib Brown
92.  Dada Funk Green
93.  A Hint Of Wisp
94.  January grey
95.  Post-coital flush
96.  Over-ripe banana
97.  Blue of lost love
98.  Black of economic downturn
99.  Violet of Warhol
100. All color smushed together

12. 100 Little Candy Heart Messages You Wouldn't Want to Receive.

12.  100 Little Candy Heart Messages You Wouldn't Want to Receive.

12. CALL 911
15. 1000x NO
19. R-U NUTS
35. I H8 LOOP
37. F U
42. DS9 BUFF
43. R U DONE
47. NERTS!
48. A+ LAMO
50. I I I I
55. U-R SICK
57. I'M GAY
61. KEWL
70. IT'S OFF
74. U-R DEAD
75. SCAT
79. DRY UP
83. HO HUM
92. FISH
97. I QUIT
100. GO NOW

Fluxfest Chicago 2011 - Mouth Poster

Allan Revich and Reid Wood by Cecil Touchon

Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Fluxus Community Today

Fluxus, since many people still have never even heard of it, continues to have the ability to surprise. But the advantage is, most people have been influenced by the ideas or have experienced Fluxus even though they don't realize it. There is more subconscious precedent in the back of people's minds today than there used to be in the past which provides resonance and people have the ability to connect with it even if they are not sure why. So there is often an almost guilty recognition among some that they 'love this kind of stuff' even if there is something of a disconnect. For artists this disconnect comes from the belief that Fluxus is a historical event – a closed circle - that is long over and do not realize that it continues to live and grow through the present generation of practitioners and that they could be a part of it in the present if they feel the connection.

Regardless of what Fluxus ever was or is now or shall be in the future, it is first and foremost a community of people who communicate and work with each other in the context of Fluxus – of Fluxus as an attitude, as a tradition, as a trajectory, as a point of view. Fluxus has always been experimental and has always challenged boundaries – famously, the boundaries between high and low art or the boundaries between one medium and another and ultimately the perceived boundaries between art and life.

Therefore, it should be no surprise that Fluxus artists do not recognize any boundary between the past and the present or between insiders and outsiders. The Fluxus community today is a self organizing, porous organization. Membership in this community is based on interacting with other members of the community and participating in group projects. The more one participates, the more of a core member one becomes. It is that simple. It is a matter of interconnectedness. That is what makes any community.

If virtually anyone could become a part of the Fluxus community, and anyone can, then the question might then arise, “But is what all of these people are doing really Fluxus?” That seems like a good question. It could be suggested that the recognition of what is Fluxus would need to emerge from the activities of the members of this community and the ensuing dialog around those activities. As a group dedicated to Fluxus, it is inevitable that certain things will come to be regarded as Fluxus and many other things will not. It is really a matter of consensus within the group. If the group remains open and experimental then what is Fluxus amid what they are doing will be recognized and favored as such – everything else will not be. Since Fluxus is open by nature, new ideas can and will emerge, these new ideas will find their way into the canon of Fluxus if they are in accord with the general nature of Fluxus as accepted by the community thus allowing for change and transformation which are, in themselves inherently Fluxus.

During the founder’s time, George Maciunas was the ‘chairman’, the man in charge of deciding what was Fluxus and what wasn’t and he often changed his mind. In his absence, the Fluxus community is not restricted by the limitations of a single individual’s vision. As an experimental idea Fluxus at its core, is democratic by nature rather than hierarchical. When looking at the definition for hierarchy there is a relevant quote: "it has been said that only a hierarchical society with a leisure class at the top can produce works of art". It could be said that Fluxus challenges that view in that works of art can be made by anyone in any society depending on how one defines what constitutes works of art.

In Fluxus power is no longer invested in a single individual or small group of insiders deciding what or who is or isn't Fluxus. The power is, rather, invested in the community. Each individual in the community is in charge of his own domain and responsible for his own place in the network without approval from any ‘superior'. This is cleverly alluded to in a recent work by Keith Buchholz who, using a well known Maciunas work: NO SMOKING, removed the ‘S’ making a new work: NO MO KING meaning no more king.

Fluxus today, equipped with the examples set by Maciunas and the other seminal members, has the capacity to grow and expand according to the ‘Laws of Fluxus’ established through precedence rather than the decrees and judgments of an individual authority.