Friday, March 11, 2011

16. 100 instances of silence

16.  100 instances of silence

2.       .
3.    ,        .
4.   ;    !
5.   ...    ....     ?
6.  4:33
7.  ©
8.  A Flea in a vacumme
9.  Reverbed riverbed
10. squang
11. The  Sea of Tranquility
12. the dying breath, just after
13. space oddity
14. Finger vertically raised to pursed lips
15. make noise
16. screaming in inner space where no one can hear you (thanks, Allan R.)
17. gong in a vacuum
18. Après la guerre
19. The inpenetrable Suet Of Thrace
20. Genesis 1:1-23 read aloud by someone with laryngitis.
21  The K of knob, the P of pneumatic, the W of write
22  A book by John Cage
23  The call of an exasperated teacher
24. Digit waggle
25. Feather floating down from Mt. Everest
26. Passchendaele, on November 7, 1917
28. Delta de objetos sin objetos dentales
29. Gran arbol blanco y blanco como el gusano
30. Imponente vacio lleno de mar impresa
31. A snuggle in a ball of cotton candy
32. The tiniest whisper of a baby pixie
33. The crinkled up nose of a fairy dew drop34. a snuggle in my dog's furry fur.
34. That moment when one finds out that the woman you have been talking so 'humourously' about is in fact the mother of the person you are talking to.
35. The presentation of the white paper on this government's plans for utopia
36. The silence in heaven after the seventh seal was opened.
37. The roaring silence at the moment one enters the infinite.
38. The silence at the edge of the atmosphere.
39. The silence between breathing out and breathing in.
40. the awkward silence when one has not gotten a joke.
41. Looking up a newly swept chimney
42. Gazing at a Joseph Cornell assemblage
43. Seeing the light bounce from the skin of a rice pudding
44  First man: Whatever happened to that foul-mouthed tart you used to hang around with?
Second man: I married her.
45. My dog's got no ears.  How does it smell?
46. The response to a Kent Freeman lecture.
47. The space between the willy getting caught in the zip and the scream.
48. trying to think of number 48
52. An ameoba  splitting in two
53. A ghostly fart in an empty lift
54. Inside my bwane
55. when All is calm, all is bright....apparently
56. Midnight in the pin factory
57. the moment when you walk in the house after walking your sick friend Melissa to her car, which was parked around the corner, and realized everyone had ditched your Christmas party.
58. The very second once you click to open an email.
59. The pause between each heart beat
60. The time elapsed between each tic -tac -toe
61. Grandpa's teeth fell out
62. Mouthful of peanutbutter
63. Not 4'22"
64. Affirmation of US interventionist policies
65. The films of Lumieré
66. " "
67. The air inside a balloon
68. The pen picked up from the page
69. Cancer-like growth
70. The echo of a feather falling
71. the breath of a flea
72. Fingers waiting on a thought to type down
73. Brain waiting on that thought
74. Steaming dogshit in the snow
75. Howard, dead at the bottom of a hot tub
76. One hand clapping
77. Moot clan harping
78. Moping
79. Underwater mopping
80. Just wishin' and hopin' and thinkin' and prayin' Plannin' and dreamin'
81. the breath of a flea
82. True populism
83. The impact of institutional art on the masses
84. Prius hybrid
85. evolution
86. silence is everything but
87. A pregnant pause
88. A wan smile
89. An amoeba race
90. A tree falling in a faraway land
91. The gate between the outer world and the inner one.
92. The impact of Fluxus on Mrs and Mrs Mountjoy from Mogadon Rd, Manchester.
93 A well-oiled hinge
94. The time between each bite of a toast
95. Fingers waiting on a number to type at a calculator 96. Ink drying.
97. A crumb falling on hard times.
98. Ink inside a pen
99. graphite surrounded by wood
100. _  ___ ___

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