Wednesday, March 09, 2011


1. Trilbys must be worn at all times
2. You are responsible for your own mess
3. There is NO third rule
4. NOTHING must be left in the vestibule
5. Attach green twine to dangerous articles
6. Always leave the place how you found it.
7. Rule 7 must always be substituted for Rule 3.
8. Rule 7 must be submitted before Rule 3.
9. Tuesdays and alternate Thursdays are wild.
10. If someone says "Marco", you are obligated to reply, "Polo".
11. Check your weapons at the door.
12. No spitting.
13. Rule 7 is obsolete.
14. Read all rules before acting
15. Wash hands thoroughly before replying.
16. Only one person gets to draw circles with nothing in them
17. Only one person gets to say nothing
18. Only one person is responsible for each list
19. Only one person at the time
20. Only one person is two
21. Always ignore Rule 8.
22. Always raise your hand before making a new rule.
23. Be blank when contemplating your shoe
24. No boiling
25. Free tubes
26. Nothing matters.
27. Everything matters.
28. Lubricate thoroughly.
29. No wire hangers.
30. Energy matters.
31. Always ignore Rule 8.
32. Rule 3 holds precedent over the New Rule 7.
33. Do not shake, watusi or mutilate
34. Always prepare the ground first with a good compost
35. Spend every cent.
36. Drop your phone in the lake
37. Wear your hat upside down
38. Sleep with your head in a bucket
39. Remember that nothing is important.
40. Always give a sucker an oven glove.
41. Unevened numbered rules should be taken with a pinch of salt.
42. Rules that add up to 6 should be taken with a grain of mustard.
43. At all times remember that Fluxus guides our choices and actions.
44. Never sleep with your head in a bucket.
45. This is really rule 46.
46. Nothing is everything.
47. This is the rule of the unruled
48. Only one person is someone else
49. Someone else is one person
50. This is the rule of rules
51. Never fall asleep
52. If you fall asleep always pretend you are not
53. Pretend you are not
54. Don't pretend
55. Always finish lists
56. It don't mean nothin'
57. There is a red circle with nothing in it
58. Rules are defined by their exceptions
59. Exceptions are the rule
60. The rule of law, is not
61. In case of no phone, use a banana
62. When weather is not too hot nor too cold, complain that is too warm
63. When weather is not too cold nor too hot, complain that is too warm
64. Always hate warm weather
65. Always love warm weather
66. Always trust nobody, and never trust someone else.
67. Never trust nobody, and always trust someone else.
68. Never say never
69. This is rule 96
70. Never say always
71. Always say never
72. Always say always
73. Always is never
74. Never is always
75. Have all the lists on hand
76. Never refuse a meal from Bibiana
77. Leave your Fluxus at the door
78. Protests are strictly forbidden unless you are right
80. Do not use the letter A on mondays
81. Do not use the letter E on tusdays
82. Do not use the letter I on wdnsdays
83. Do not use the letter O on thursdays
84. Do not use the letter U on fridays
85  Do not use the letter S on unday
86  To be a true Fluxlist member you must honour and obey at all the times the 10 Grand Principles of Fluxus (The 10GPS)
87. Listen to no one
88. Forget everything you've been told about Fluxus
89. Whispering is allowed only after all dues have been paid
90. Never leave home without it
91. When someone says 'Fluxus is dead' cover your ears and begin screaming.
92. Forget the past, focus on the present.
93. Do nothing until the next thing presents itself, then proceed.
94. Do what you know is right, apologize later if necessary.
95. Ignore previous lists
96. 96 is 69
97. All work created in the name of Fluxus ©George Maciunas 1962.
98. Please remove your shoes before walking on the art.
99. Always type backwards
100. Always wash your hands

Cecil Touchon, Bibiana Padilla Maltos, Roger Stevens, mIEKAL aND, Allan Revich, Mark Bloch

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