Tuesday, March 08, 2011

An Evening at Stampland at Fluxfest Chicago for Reed Altemus's Show

Posters for Reeds Altemus at Stampland in Chicago

The Fluxus Troupe exploring the interior of Bill Gaglione and Darlene Domel's Stampland, Chicago

Collection of Fluxboxes at Stampland.

Elements of Reed Altemus's show and an introduction of his newly published box set.

   On Friday evening of the Chicago Fluxfest week Picasso Gaglione and Darlene Domel invited everyone over to Stampland to explore this amazing place from which Gaglione/Domel work. It was a fabulous evening starting out with dinner up the street at the restaurant called 'FEED'. After dinner we strolled down to Stampland to enjoy all of the wonderful stamps, mailart related antiques and vintage Fluxus collection on display.
   Jeff Sass of Saint Louis brought a old Polaroid camera that he had converted into a pin hole camera which he used to take portraits of various people. Jeff gave the photos to the sitters but the part he really wanted was the negative image left on the peeled off part of the Polaroid.

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