Tuesday, March 08, 2011

13. 100 Colors

13.  100 Colors

1.  The color of the sky on a serene, crystal clear day
2.  The color of cards that were sealed in envelopes
3.  The color of a brontosaurus
4.  The color of bruises
5.  The color of the night sky over the city
6.  The color of my true love's hair
7.  The color of suspended choice and uncertain boundaries
8.  The color of the walls of my house
9.  The color of meat
10.  The color of pomegranates
11.  The color of green shit
12.  The color of yellow asphalt
13.  The color of pink teeth
14.  The color of black light
15.  Color spelt "colour".
16.  The colour orange
17.  The colour non sequitur
18.  The colour blasé
19.  The red of sunrises and sunsets
20.  A blues guitar
21.  The yellow of dying suns
22.  The yolk yellow of a farm-fresh egg
23.  The white of the egg shell
24.  The shocking yellow of jaundice
25.  The pungent yellow of sulfur
26.  The red of passion and the black of grief
27.  The blue of distance
28.  The difference between the red of an apple and the red of a tomato
29.  The blue of the Zanzibari flag
30.  The red of ruby glass
31.  The yellow of the wheat field
32.  The red of Titian’s capes,
33.  The red of Rembrandt, Derain, and. Matisse
34.  Blood-red,
35.  The red of Russia,
36.  The white of the eye
37.  The blue of lapis lazuli
38.  The white of pure emptiness
39.  Coca-cola red
40.  The blue of the sky
41.  The white of an old women's hair
42.  The yellow of Autumn
43.  The white snow of winter
44. The Pink of Fading Neon
45. The Yellow of Newly Ripened Lemons
46.  The white of a white sheet of typing paper
47. The color of being in the pink
48.  The pink of the sky at sunset
49.  The pink of European flesh
50.  The pink of a wild rose
51.  The pink of the see through umbrella
52.  The pink of a late 1950s Cadillac
53.  The purple of the ancient Courts,
54.  The purple of Byzantium
55.  The purple of the Judas-tree groves
56.  The purple of Lent
57. The light blue of the sky,
58.  The dark blue of the sea,
59.  The green of the hills & valleys,
60.  The white of the cottages,
61.  The purple of the heather,
62.  The Yellow of the Aspens
63.  The purple of the Balkan Kings
64.  The blue of a cornflower
65.  The yellow of butter
66.  The yellow of the gorse in bloom,
67.  The red of the flowers of the fuchsia
68.  The colour of nothing
69.  The colour of no money
70.  The absence of white superimposed on the absence of black
71.  Ruddy shipworn complexion
72.  George Maciunas's cornea
73.  Ecru
74.  Almond
75.  Landlord white
76.  Beige
77.  Tan
78.  Sand
79.  Tomatored
80.  Preusischblau
81.  Innocencewhite
82.  Lackyellow of guilt
83.  Ziegelrot
84.  White of blindness
85.  White of mourning
86.  White of despair
87.  White of new hope
88.  White of blackwar
89.  Spurge
90.  Heria Greay
91.  Glib Brown
92.  Dada Funk Green
93.  A Hint Of Wisp
94.  January grey
95.  Post-coital flush
96.  Over-ripe banana
97.  Blue of lost love
98.  Black of economic downturn
99.  Violet of Warhol
100. All color smushed together

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